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The following message was written in 2019, but is still valid as of 2021.

November 17, 2019: We are understaffed. I don’t think there are many people reading this page, but anyway, if you are a fan of at least one of the three anime we’re subbing (Goldfish Warning! / Hime-chan’s Ribbon / Fushigiboshi no Futagohime Gyu!), and if you think you can edit (or quality-check), please join us (even if temporarily)! You don’t need much free time (because we are slow). You can quit any time you like.

An editor is a person who edits drafts (translated from Japanese) so that the scripts will become better (more natural) as English. One episode has like 300 lines (Example), of which maybe 200–250 lines are already good when you get a draft. The job is purely text editing. You don’t have to translate, time, or typeset anything. Basically, anyone can do this as long as they speak English fluently and are a decent writer.

A quality-checker is a person who watches a test-encoded video and spots possible problems (such as typos, bad grammar, awkward expressions). Anyone can do this as long as they can read English subtitles.

If you think you might be able to help us, please PLEASE do feel free to contact us (info@honobono.cc). In the past we introduced hidden gems like The Star of Cottonland, Minky Momo - The Bridge over Dreams and several other series (perhaps about 200 episodes in total), but now, many of the old members are gone. Our ex-chief editor left the team after she had finished the first season of FH, so our editinig department is now not very powerful. Not only that, the translator who wanted to do the second season had gone MIA. Ouch. One of our three encoders is now inactive; our encoding power has diminished since we released HCR40. The remaining members are also more or less busy with real life and other things. That is why we’re understaffed.

November 28, 2019: We may have to focus on Gyu, not doing GfW/HCR for the time being, if we don’t have editors/QCers who are not too busy. If, on the other hand, a solid, motivated editor(s) join us, we may be able to do more things (e.g. GfW Movie, or even something not yet subbed at all like from 1990s). If you love old anime such as GfW and you think you can work with us, email us (the address is at the bottom of the page and/or see above), or visit #honobono@irc.aniverse.com.

December 15, 2019: Good news! A new translator-editor has joined us. She is a person who wrote scripts before for Hikari no Kiseki for Cosmic Baton Girl Comet-san. Amazing.

December 18, 2019: We may have yet another new translator (a fellow fansubber kindly emailed us!). Plus, after GfW48 we only have six GfW episodes to go. As such, if things go well, we might start new project(s) before long. Currently the #1 candidate is Yōkoso Yōko; #2 is Magical Angel Sweet Mint. The other possible choices include Goldfish Warning! Movie and Mary Bell Movie (Fenikkusu no Kagi).

December 23, 2019: Another new member joined us. This person, tenkenX6, has worked with Live-eviL, Saizen, etc., and now is working for a few groups mainly as a translator. Our current plan is, tenkenX6 will translate GfW49/51/53 while Kaze will translate GfW50/52/54 (last), ideally releasing one episode per month, and after that (i.e. ideally in six months) we will focus on a new project: Yōkoso Yōko (YY). Although we may have translators and translation-checkers, we still don’t have enough editors. If you speak English fluently and love editing/writing, and if you are interested in at least one of the current three projects (or above-mentioned shows/movies) and think you can work with us, please email us (the address is at the bottom of the page and/or see above).

If you love old shows and would like to join us, basically, any help would be appreciated. Especially…

Translator: if at least (1) or (2) is true: (1) you speak Japanese fluently and speak English decently; or (2) Japanese decently and English fluently.

Editor: If you speak English fluently, and good at creative writing.

Timer: If you have ever thought about things like these seriously and systematically:

Typesetter: (1) If you know what this means and agree with it: “Ideal subs (especially sign subs) are unnoticeable. A viewer will enjoy the show, forgetting that they are reading subtitles.” (2) If you can directly edit an ASS file with your text editor, and can do something like this as simple, pure ASS Dialogues within 50 lines:

[PNG Image]

Title Logo: If you are good at photoshopping, e.g. converting a Japanese logo like this [JPG Image] into an English logo like this: [JPG Image]

Encoder: Old shows are usually noisy, and can be much harder to handle than newer shows. Superficially, it is helpful if you can clean an episode manually, frame-by-frame, instead of washing out everything with strong NR filters. But even if you do that, an old show doesn’t look as clean as a newer show. So, essentially, an encoder for an old show must be mentally strong, having a faith that the show you love — hand-drawn cell anime — is good, even if visually inferior to modern anime generated by computer.

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