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How can I download files?

If you can use BitTorrent, visit:
(1) http://honobono.edwardk.info/
(2) https://nyaa.si/user/honobono.

(1) and (2) are different torrent-index sites, using different trackers. One may be better-seeded even if the other is unseeded. (If you have trouble, feel free to visit #honobono @ irc.aniverse.com. We’ll see what we can do.)

If you can’t use BitTorrent, use an IRC client and join #honobono in irc.aniverse.com. Then, type:

You may see a message like this:

(XDCC) Packs:(112) packlist at /msg [HB]Wapiko xdcc send -1

Then type (or copy-paste):
/msg [HB]Wapiko xdcc send -1

Now you may get a list like this:

** honobono XDCC **
** 112 packs **  3 of 3 slots open, Min: 50.0kB/s, Max: 13000.0kB/s, Record: 43.8kB/s
** Bandwidth Usage ** Current: 0.0kB/s, Cap: 35000.0kB/s,
** To request a file, type "/msg [HB]Wapiko XDCC SEND x" **
#1   0x [175M] Fushigiboshi no Futagohime (DVD) - 01v2 [h-b] (B5064A8B).avi
#2   0x [235M] Fushigiboshi no Futagohime (DVD) - 02v2 [h-b] (884F13C3).avi
#3   0x [230M] Fushigiboshi no Futagohime (DVD) - 03 [h-b] (8CA41E2B).avi
#112 0x [698M] The Star of Cottonland (DVD) v2 [h-b] 10 languages [5552215A].mkv

Let’s say you want to have File #3. Then type:
/msg [HB]Wapiko xdcc send 3

Then, File #3 will be automatically sent to you.

If anything doesn’t work, or you have any questions, or you just want to say hi, you can type
Hi, I have a question.
or whatever.

How can I visit the IRC channel #honobono?

First, you need an IRC client. If you’re not sure, get SeaMonkey Portable ("PortableApps.com Platform" is not necessary; just unzip the archive, and you can use it out-of-the-box). When ready, start SeaMonkeyPortable.exe — it’s just a browser like Firefox. In the menu, select “Window” then “IRC Chat” (or just hit Ctrl+6), and you’ll see ChatZilla window open. Then type (or copy-paste) this line:
/sslserver irc.Aniverse.com

When connected to irc.Aniverse.com (which is the server where the channel #honobono exists), type this line:
/j #honobono

A new tab will open, and that is #honobono — where people can chat. The channel is usually quiet, and if you don’t want to chat, you can stay there without saying anything. If, on the other hand, you want to chat about something like your favorite anime, you can type whatever, maybe like:
I really like Goldfish Warning!

If someone is there, there will be a reply — you can chat with them. Usually you should type in English, although some of us speak some other languages like Dutch, Italian, etc. (You don’t need to be super-fluent in English — we’re an international team, sometimes multi-subbing, and actually some of the ex-members did not speak English at all.)

However, it is possible that everyone is asleep or otherwise away-from-keyboard, and then, there is no answer. This does not mean you’re ignored. It simply means no one is around. If there is no reply after you type a few lines, please don’t be sad and come back again :)

NOTE: There are many IRC clients, and perhaps some of them are better than ChatZilla.

Can I join #honobono as a fansubber?

If you are not too busy, and are ready to participate in a long-term project (at least half a year, often several years), see this page.

I have some other questions.

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