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31 December 2005 – Floral Magician Mary Bell 26



Floral Magician Mary Bell 26:
Does the Phoenix Exist or Not?

First Aired on
Monday, 27 July 1992, 18:00–18:30 JST (09:00–09:30 UTC)
Fansub released by honobono on
31 December 2005 UTC (16:31:17 UTC)
Mary Bell (DVD) - 26 [h-b] (3D7DB8BF).avi
xvid release-1_1-branch cvs (celtic_druid 20051209)
183,495,360 bytes (174.995 MB)
MD5: 49b51a44b7b1d79770796ebe8e570bae
Ep. Title
Does the Phoenix Exist or Not?
Original Ep. Title
Original Ep. Title in Romaji
Iru ka Inai ka Fenikkusu
Version History
Mary Bell (DVD) - 26 [h-b] (1341332A)__RC1.avi 2005-12-02
Mary Bell (DVD) - 26 [h-b] (0024B587)__RC2.avi 2005-12-17
Mary Bell (DVD) - 26 [h-b] (FBB57124)__RC3.avi 2005-12-21
Mary Bell (DVD) - 26 [h-b] (2A06BF0C)__RC4.avi 2005-12-31
Mary Bell (DVD) - 26 [h-b] (3D7DB8BF)__RC5.avi 2005-12-31

Timed by: Sabbu 0.3.0
Powered by: a3r


6 December 2005 – Hime-chan 1: To Encode

After quite some work, now the styled script (.ass file) is finalized. RC1 will be encoded very soon, probably today, and that might be the final.

29 Nov 2005: Hime 01 Typeset Preview [A245A8C7].avi
30 Nov 2005: Hime-chan's Ribbon (DVD) - 01 [h-b] (8A241D6F)__Test2.avi
30 Nov 2005: Hime-chan's Ribbon (DVD) - 01 [h-b] (079A6D40)__Test3.avi
03 Dec 2005: Hime-chan's Ribbon (DVD) - 01 [h-b] (5816BAC4)__Test4.avi
04 Dec 2005: Hime-chan's_Ribbon[DVD]_-_01_[h-b][1AE36A3D]__Test5.avi
06 Dec 2005: Hime-chan's_Ribbon_-_01_[3778163F]__Test6_w_Logo.avi

6 December 2005 – MB26 / GfW9 / Soc & GfW (multisub)

Floral Magician Mary Bell 26 was trasnalted/edited/timed/typeset, but we are going to update the script as we found a few problems.

The first half ("Part A") of Goldfish Warning! 09 was translated, and now to be edited.

Since we had to concentrate on Hime-chan's Ribbon, the other projects may be more or less delayed.

Meanwhile, we are starting to multisub The Star of Cottonland v2 (there will be Swedish and Malay), and Goldfish Warning! (French, Swedish, Cantonese, Malay, Spanish, Dutch (maybe), etc...). If you speak a rare language and happen to be a huge fan of SoC and/or GfW, you might want to add your translation :) For more information, please PM an Op, or email us.

30 November 2005 – Media Player Classic

Media Player Classic (MPC) for Windows 2000/XP

Media Player Classic (MPC) for Windows 98/me

30 November 2005 – Hime-chan’s Ribbon 01 (Test)

The script is almost ready to encode, but not yet finalized. And since this is the very first episode, we have a lot of things to do/decide (logo work, karaoke, other typesetting/design; "orthography," etc.).

Some pictures for preview from:
29 Nov 2005: Hime 01 Typeset Preview [A245A8C7].avi
30 Nov 2005: Hime-chan's Ribbon (DVD) - 01 [h-b] (8A241D6F)__Test2.avi
30 Nov 2005: Hime-chan's Ribbon (DVD) - 01 [h-b] (079A6D40)__Test3.avi

Note Sample (Himeko's Mom)
Erika and Chappy
Eyecatch (Himeko and Pokota)

23 November 2005 – Goldfish Warning! 8



First Aired on
Saturday, 9 March 1991, 19:00–19:30 JST (10:00–10:30 UTC)
Fansub released by honobono on
23 November 2005 UTC
Goldfish Warning! (DVD) - 08 [h-b] (898BD671).avi
XviD 1.1.0 beta 2+ (celtic_druid), LAME 3.97b1 (--preset cbr 80 -t)
183,515,436 bytes (175.014MB)
CRC: 898BD671
MD5: bcf2126357b7ed4bf9156027d14cff10
Ep. Title
Beware of Witchcraft / Yurika and Chitose are Sisters?!
Original Ep. Title
おまじないにご用心ようじん / 由梨香ゆりか千歳ちとせ姉妹きょうだい!?
Original Ep. Title in Romaji
Omajinai ni Goyoujin / Yurika to Chitose ga Kyoudai!?


21 November 2005: Goldfish Warning! (DVD) - 08 [h-b] (898BD671)__RC3.avi

20 November 2005: Goldfish Warning! (DVD) - 08 [h-b] (FF81F0FB)__RC2.avi

17 November 2005: Goldfish Warning! (DVD) - 08 [h-b] (01F24E33)__RC1.avi

15 November 2005 – New ffdshow for testing

ffdshow-20051115.exe (milan)

15 November 2005 – Hime-chan Logo Updated



12 November 2005 – Floral Magician Mary Bell 25



Floral Magician Mary Bell 25:
Yuuri and The Mischievous Dolphin

First Aired on
Monday, 20 July 1992, 18:00–18:30 JST (09:00–09:30 UTC)
Fansub released by honobono on
12 November 2005 UTC
Mary Bell (DVD) - 25 [h-b] (C7ADB667).avi
XviD 1.1.0-<beta3/final tbd> Oct 16 2005 (Vanilla CVS Build), celtic_druid
LAME 3.97 (beta 1, Sep 29 2005)
183,509,210 bytes (175.008 MB)
MD5: e50af1b06acdadd6dec7b29b688dc0c1
Ep. Title
Yuuri and The Mischievous Dolphin
Original Ep. Title
Original Ep. Title in Romaji
Yuuri to Itazura Iruka

7 November 2005 – Media Player Classic (MPC)

mpc2kxp6486.zip for Windows 2000/XP

mpc98me6486.zip for Windows 98/me

If you don't have DirectX_9.0c_October_2005.zip or DirectX 9.0c Aug 2005 installed, you also need to get d3dx9_27.dll, and put it in the same directory.

NOTE: Some people say the pre-official beta version is more stable than the official You might want to try it:

What's new in (from doom9)

3 November 2005 – ffdshow-20051103 (celtic_druid)

ffdshow-20051103.exe for testing

2 November 2005 – Media Player Classic (MPC) (important)

[FIX] Softsubs by MPC's internal subtitler is now frame-accurate.

[NEW] .mp4 support.

Unlike softsubs by VSFilter, MPC's internal softsubs were sometimes (not always) off by 1 frame. This was not MPC's bug, but is VMR's problem. The fix for this problem, which Gabest called "nasty but elegant hack," is obviously important for fansubbers and anime fans, especially for those who often watch softsubbed OGM or MKV using MPC's internal subtitler (VMR 7/9 Renderless).

mpc2kxp6485.zip for Windows 2000/XP

mpc98me6485.zip for Windows 98/me

26 October 2005 – Sabbu 0.2.7 beta 46

After a while a new version of Sabbu BETA was released. However Sabbu's installer doesn't like GTK 2.8.6. I was told that "Sabbu requires a newer version of GTK to be installed. Click Yes to continue and upgrade your GTK to version 2.6" although I had a much newer versioin of GTK installed already. You may have to uninstall your GTK first to make Sabbu's installer happy. But Sabbu itself seems to work with GTK 2.8.6.

FileZilla 2.2.17 was released too.

24 October 2005 – Floral Magician Mary Bell 24


Floral Magician Mary Bell 24

First Aired on
Monday, 13 July 1992, 18:00–18:30 JST (09:00–19:30 UTC)
Fansub released by honobono on
24 October 2005 UTC
Mary Bell (DVD) - 24 [h-b] (07632B92).avi
XviD 1.1.0-<beta3/final tbd> Oct 16 2005 (Vanilla CVS Build), celtic_druid
LAME 3.97 (beta 1, Sep 29 2005)
183,515,146 bytes (175.014MB)
CRC: 07632B92
MD5: eea79add5f91bb6084c6330bc282231e
Ep. Title
Jito Appears Yet Again
Original Ep. Title
Original Ep. Title in Romaji
Matamata Jiito ga Yattekita


19 October 2005 – Mew Mew, and Hime-chan

Pictures from TMM 50-52 have been added to the TMM Section: tmm50 | tmm51 | tmm52 (Last)

Now that we finished TMM, we are going to sub Hime-chan no Ribbon as the next (after-tmm) project. Actually the first Episode was already translated. Now the typesetter/encoder is working on, among other things, the title logo.



13 October 2005 – ffdshow-20051013 (celtic) for Testing

ffdshow-20051013.exe for testing.

9 October 2005 – Out: Tokyo Mew Mew 52 (last ep)


Tokyo Mew Mew 52
For the Earth's Future, We'll Serve You ~Nyan!
Original Ep. Title
地球ちきゅう未来みらいに、 ご奉仕ほうしするにゃん!
Original Ep. Title in Romaji
Chikyuu no Mirai ni Gohoushi Suru nyan!
The last episode.

5 October 2005 – DirectX 9.0c October 2005

Redist. 33.7MB (Not tested. No need to update now.)

4 October 2005 – Goldfish Warning! 07

More than two months have passed since we released the episode 6 in the end of July. This is because we were busy with The Star of Cottonland in August. But we now have Goldfish Warning! (DVD) - 07 [h-b] (85A5EE68)__RC4.avi, which should be the final. Eta: Today (4 Oct 2005) around 22 or 23 UTC...

Edit: Out at 22:00 UTC.

Goldfish Warning! 07

First Aired on
Saturday, 23 February 1991, 19:00–19:30 JST (10:00–10:30 UTC)
Fansub released by honobono on
4 October 2005 UTC
Goldfish Warning! (DVD) - 07 [h-b] (85A5EE68).avi
XviD 1.1.0 beta 2 (Koepi), LAME 3.96.1 (80Kbps, mono in 2ch, stereo only for OP/ED)
183,491,812 bytes (174.991MB)
CRC: 85A5EE68
MD5: ac1e31d9435a3f1dc5c511b5f3ff9e40
Ep. Title
Teacher Interview with Love and Tears / Wapiko is Gonna Get a Perfect Score
Original Ep. Title
あいなみだ個人こじん面談めんだん / わぴこ満点まんてんをとります
Original Ep. Title in Romaji
Ai to Namida no Kojinmendan / Wapiko Manten wo Torimasu

1 October 2005 – ffdshow-20050930 for Testing

ffdshow-20050930.exe, ffdshow-20050930MSVC71.exe for testing. ff_vfw.dll is buggy!

22 September 2005 – ffdshow-20050920-fixed for Testing

ffdshow-20050920-fixed.exe for testing

libmplayer.dll was buggy in ffdshow-20050920: libmplayer.dll in this installer should be okay. Fixed by celtic_druid himself.

21 September 2005 – Spisoft is Up Again

20 September 2005 – ffdshow-20050920 for Testing

ffdshow-20050920.exe for testing

19 September 2005 – Spisoft (BT Page) Down

Temporary things:

17 September 2005 – Tokyo Mew Mew 51

Tokyo Mew Mew 51
The Final Battle! I Believe in Your Smile
Original Ep. Title
最後さいごたたい! あなたの笑顔えがおしんじてる
Original Ep. Title in Romaji
Saigo no Tatakai: Anata no Egao wo Shinjiteru
The last-but-one episode. The animators seem to have put great effort into it, especially visual-wise. Zakuro and Kisshu look different than usual (the drawing style for them are usually more simplified or "milder"). The storyline may be moving or melodramatic (a bit soapy) depending on how you look at it, but not too unnatural, using the Naru-Nephrite prototype from Sailor Moon. The flashbacks are mainly from the Episodes 45 and 46.

Kuu Rai Sen Puu Jin, the name of Pai's attack, is ambiguous in meaning, as it's a "made-up" word by uniting five On-yomi kanjis, and each On-yomi kanji generally has a lot of homonyms when spoken (when written this ambiguity would be gone).

空雷旋風陣 "Sky-Thunder-Whirl-Wind-Zone" is probable, but Sen might be 閃 (flash) or 尖 (piercing) or 扇 (fan--this is quite possible too, as in Kuu Rai Sen*, which is actually written as 空雷扇 in the original manga [See Kodansha Comics, vol.6]), Puu might be 封 (closing, trap), and Jin might be 刃 (knife) or 塵 (dust) or 尽 (ultimate).

* The manga version only has Kuu Rai Sen, whereas the anime version apparently has both Kuu Rai Sen and Fuu Rai Sen, but we may be wrong.

17 September 2005 – Floral Magician Mary Bell 23

Floral Magician Mary Bell 23
Stray Mermaid Princess
Original Ep. Title
Original Ep. Title in Romaji
Maigo no Maigo no Ningyo-hime
First Aired on
6 July 1992
This episode is again simple and innocent, no stress. As a side note, the seiyuu for the mermaid baby, Little, is Kanai Mika, who is also doing Wapiko in GfW. Kanai Mika and Koorogi Satomi (voicing Yuuri here in MB) are very popular amongst Japanese otakus, for their childlike cute voices. Their voices sound similar, and being able to distinguish them is sometimes considered as the proof of a real anime fan. The "palace under the sea" image is based on Ryuuguujou 竜宮城 from the old Japanese fairytale about Urashima, just like in TWHE II-1.

12 September 2005 – Updated: Filezilla, Shad0w

FileZilla 2.2.16

BitTornado T-0.3.13

"T-0.3.13 is a maintenance release; we've switched back to the lastest Python and updated wxPython; hopefully this should solve a lot of the problems. I'm hoping it solves the stuck-in-memory problem too, though I'm not holding my breath. If it doesn't work expect a release packaged with older Python/wxPython versions to try and fix it again."

9 September 2005 – New ffdshow (celtic_druid)

ffdshow-20050909-MSVC71.exe Slightly slower, but more reliable.

ffdshow-20050909.exe Slightly faster, but less reliable.

celtic_druid himself says, "We are talking just ffdshow.ax here. ICL9 [the 'normal' build] from all reports so far is faster, it however crashes on one particular sample [AVC, High Profile]. There could also be other issues." Sharktooth confirms "SPP on the ICL build is unuseable on athlon CPUs." bob0r recommends the MSVC build, saying "Agreed, just tested ffdshow-20050822.exe and it crashes mpc with my x264 encodes (AMD XP 1800+ CPU). With ffdshow-20050822MSVC71.exe no playback problems," "stability comes first."

7 September 2005 – GfW in SM19

7 September 2005 – New ffdshow to Test (Buggy?)

This build is not by celtic_druid, and apparently buggy. Don't use it.

ffdshow-20050828.exe Only for Testing.

6 September 2005 – TMM OP VP7 Added to the SNOW page

XviD vs SNOW
vs x264 vs VP7

Inspired by MeGUI, I tested SNOW 2-pass by encoding the same anime OP (opening clip) with about 20 different settings. I also asked a few people using different CPUs to try to play the resulted file on Windows 2000 or XP. One of the interesting results was, it doesn't play smoothly with ffdshow+Athlon 64 3200+, but it plays fine using CPU-optimized mplayer.

I'd say, if (hypothetically) XviD scored 100 points and x264 scored 130 points, SNOW and VP7 would get 120 ~ 125 points. Maybe it's a bit unfair to compare x264 and SNOW now: I read that one of the essential parts of SNOW, Overlapped Block Motion Compensation (OBMC), has not yet been implemented. This OBMC thing seems to be great. Besides, deblocking in x264, which is often problematic, works exceptionally well for anime. SNOW was, however, obviously better than XviD quality-wise in this test. Of course XviD is much better about the encoding speed, the CPU load in decoding, and stability. As rough indicators (not necessarily reflecting the perceived quality), lumi-wise error-free pixels for XviD/SNOW/VP7/x264 were 42%, 58%, 64%, 69.5% respectively, chroma-wise error-free pixels were 66%, 73%, 78%, 79%.

Read more about SNOW vs x264 vs VP7 (the page updated).

vp7-tmm2200.zip VP7, Video Only, 24.3MB, in AVI (On2 VP7 Codec (VfW))

2 September 2005 – TMM OP x264 v2

x264-tmm2200v2.zip Video Only, 24.2MB, in MP4, x264 settings are identical to v1 except for --filter 0:3

Check out more about SNOW vs x264 (AVC/H.264).

Haali Media Splitter

1 September 2005 – When SoC was Released

It was 24 August 2005.



1 September 2005 – SNOW vs x264 (AVC/H.264)

(I'll add VP7 sample later.)

Check out more about SNOW vs x264 (AVC/H.264), with sample video clips.

28 August 2005 – Tokyo Mew Mew 50 is OUT

Tokyo Mew Mew 50
Ichigo's Trial! I am a Mew Mew
Original Ep. Title
いちごの試練しれん! あたしはミュウミュウ
Original Ep. Title in Romaji
Ichigo no Shiren! Atashi wa Mew Mew

24 August 2005 – MKV Quick Help

The Star of Cottonland [h-b] 7 languages [1B5836F0].mkv is a Matroska (MKV) file. It is softsubbed in 7 languages, and you can switch the subtitles.

How to play it on Windows 2000/XP: Gabest's Media Player Classic (MPC) is recommended, but you can use Microsoft Windows Media Player 9/10 too. ZoomPlayer should work too. Install Lazy Man's MKV unless you want to use Haali's splitter (if you are not sure, just install Lazy Man's MKV). BsPlayer is buggy but may work with Haali's splitter. ffdshow is recommended, but you can use XviD decoder too.

For the best result, try true color by checking only RGB32 and RGB24 in the ffdshow video decoder settings (Start | Programs | ffdshow | video decoder configuration | Output).

Read more about "software true color".

28 August 2005 – SNOW Test (v1) 2-Pass, 2200kbps

snow-tmm2200.zip Codec=SNOW, Video Only (No Audio), 24.3MB

Snow is an experimental wavelet-based codec made by the FFmpeg developers, and while it is still in heavy development, it is already giving very good results.

This sample is created by MEncoder dev-CVS-050813-01:18-3.4.4 with this commandline:

mencoder input.avs -ovc lavc -passlogfile "tmm.log" -lavcopts 
-o NUL: 

mencoder input.avs -ovc lavc -passlogfile "tmm.log" -lavcopts
-o snow-tmm2200.avi -of avi -ffourcc SNOW 

-ovc = Output Video Compressor, lavc = libavcodec (ffmpeg, ffdshow), -lavcopts = libavcodec options, vstrict < 0 = Don't be so strict, just do what I told you, I'm doing this at my own risk.

SNOW is still alpha, and unstable, but it's not bad... the overall quality is perhaps about the same as that of XviD.

27 August 2005 – Spisoft is Up Again

It was down yesterday.

fyi, SoC is on boxtorrents too.

24 August 2005 – MKV Quick Help

The Star of Cottonland [h-b] 7 languages [1B5836F0].mkv is a Matroska (MKV) file. It is softsubbed in 7 languages, and you can switch the subtitles.

How to play it on Windows 2000/XP: Gabest's Media Player Classic (MPC) is recommended, but you can use Microsoft Windows Media Player 9/10 too. ZoomPlayer should work too. Install Lazy Man's MKV unless you want to use Haali's splitter (if you are not sure, just install Lazy Man's MKV). BsPlayer is buggy but may work with Haali's splitter. ffdshow is recommended, but you can use XviD decoder too.

For the best result, try true color by checking only RGB32 and RGB24 in the ffdshow video decoder settings (Start | Programs | ffdshow | video decoder configuration | Output).

If your CPU is powerful enough, try VMR9 (renderless) on MPC; otherwise use Overlay Mixer. (Hit [o] to open the Options box on MPC.) VMR7 is not bad either on Windows XP. Don't use VMR 7/9 on ZoomPlayer.

VMR9 (renderless) enables MPC's internal sub renderer, which is the highest-quality especially in the full-screen mode. However, you might want to check this checkbox so that the reuslt will be compatible with VSFilter (DirectVobSub).

Also, if you are going to use MPC's sub renderer, you should disable subtitles from VSFilter:

If you use VSFilter, unchecking "Pre-buffer subpictures" (see the picture above) will enable dynamic effects such as fading, karaoke (not as CPU-intensive as MPC's renderer). On MPC, Number of subpictures to buffer ahead (see the picture below) is 3 ~ 6 by default. If your CPU is really fast (2GHz+), set this value 0, and dynamic effects are enabled in softsubs.

For the best result, Maximum texture resolution should be "Desktop" but if your CPU is not very fast, use smaller values.

To get the easter-egg wall papers, hit [Shift]+[F10] on MPC, or use the shell extension.

See also:
Highest Quality Playback w/ VMR9 mode
and Forum posts

22 August 2005 – New ffdshow for testing



Btw, this file was muxed yestereday:
The Star of Cottonland [h-b] 7 languages [1B5836F0]__RC3.mkv

21 August 2005 – "The Star of Cottonland" around Wednesday

The Star of Cottonland (SoC, aka Wata-Kuni) is actually already ready to release. However, we are waiting for a while because yet another langauge, Italian, might be added.

The final version will be muxed on Monday, 22 August 2005 (UTC). If the Italian translator makes it, Italian subs will be added.

So, unless anything unexpected happens, SoC will be out around Wednesday.

16 August 2005 – "The Star of Cottonland" Wallpapers

SoC.mkv has 6 easter-egg (hidden) wallpapers as matroska attachments. These sample pictures show how they would look like on your desktop (Click to enlarge).

JPEG file: Wallpaper Sample1

JPEG file: Wallpaper Sample2

15 August 2005 – "The Star of Cottonland" Coming Soon

The Star of Cottonland will be probably released around this weekend.

This file (near-final) was muxed today:
The Star of Cottonland [h-b] 6 languages RC2-pre.mkv 699MB

The video quality is very good, considering that this show is from 1984. Multisubbed in English, French, French (Canada), Dutch, Spanish (Mexico), Russian and Slovak. Datails later.

13 August – New MPC for Testing (Updated)

Updated: mplayerc2005.08.13.2kxp_27.7z (for testing)
Possibly required: d3dx9_27.dll
(DirectX 9.0c Aug 2005)

SDK Old: mplayerc2005.08.13.2kxp.7z (for testing)
required: d3dx9_24.dll
(DirectX 9.0c Feb 2005)


If you experience problems (especially in the "VMR9 Renderless" mode), make sure that you have the proper version of d3dx9_*.dll, coming with DirectX 9.0c Feb 2005 or DirectX 9.0c Aug 2005.

Unofficial Changelog

13 August 2005 – CoreVorbis for Testing


Packed: mkvinst_b98_alpha4.exe

12 August 2005 – CoreAAC 1.2.0 for testing (Compiled by Celtic_Druid)

FAAD2 is GPL incompatible now (FAAD2 Licensing, Now GPL Incompatible?). CoreAAC is under the FAAD2 license.

CoreAAC- (for testing)

Lazy Man's MKV 0.9.8 alpha3 CoreAAC 1.2.0 inside (for testing)

12 August 2005 – Question?  Email us!

We are happy to announce that we have now a person in charge of PR/feedback.

If you have any questions, need support, or just want to say something to us, don't hesitate to send an email to:

[The above address is currently not used. See the page footer for the new address.]

10 August 2005 – VP7 Sample Clip for testing

Codec: on2_vp7_personal_edition.zip 1.6MB

GfW-VP7-Vorbis.ogm: GfW-VP7-Vorbis.zip (Goldfish Warning! OP) 8.6MB

4 August 2005 – ffdshow-20050803 (Celtic_Druid) for testing

ffdshow-20050803.exe for testing.

For general (non-testing) purposes, it would be safer to use the files under the Files section (the current one as of writing is ffdshow-20050727), although Celtic_Druid's builds are usually stable.

13:41 on Aug 03, 2005    ffdshow    
Commit by milan_cutka :: ffdshow/src/imgFilters/KernelDeint/ (3 files):
no message
07:23 on Aug 03, 2005    ffdshow    
Commit by milan_cutka :: ffdshow/src/imgFilters/KernelDeint/ff_kernelDeint.dsp:
no message
07:15 on Aug 03, 2005    ffdshow    
Commit by milan_cutka :: ffdshow/src/ (48 files in 9 dirs):
updated libavcodec
04:50 on Aug 03, 2005    ffdshow    
Commit by milan_cutka :: ffdshow/ (42 files in 27 dirs):
14:00 on Aug 02, 2005    ffdshow    
Commit by milan_cutka :: ffdshow/src/TffdshowEnc.cpp:
no message
13:43 on Aug 02, 2005    ffdshow    
Commit by milan_cutka :: ffdshow/src/ (15 files in 2 dirs):
alternative full range YUV<->RGB conversions
08:17 on Aug 02, 2005    ffdshow    
Commit by milan_cutka :: ffdshow/src/ (5 files in 3 dirs):
no message
06:56 on Aug 02, 2005    ffdshow    
Commit by milan_cutka :: ffdshow/src/codecs/x264/ (4 files in 3 dirs):
updated x264
06:31 on Aug 02, 2005    ffdshow    
Commit by milan_cutka :: ffdshow/ (17 files in 5 dirs):
fixes in subtitles and resizing
18:14 on Aug 01, 2005    ffdshow    
Commit by milan_cutka :: ffdshow/src/imgFilters/TimgFilterPerspective.cpp:
fix out of bounds writing in perspective filter

31 July 2005 – Mary Bell 22 Out

Floral Magician Mary Bell 22
Ken's First Errand
Original Ep. Title
Original Ep. Title in Romaji
Ken no Hajimete no Otsukai
First Aired on

30 July 2005 – DirectX 9.0c, August 2005


If you are asked to install spyware called Windows Genuine Advantage, just copy and paste this line (as one line) into the address bar and hit [Enter]:
expires=Sat, 1 Jan 2050 12:00:00 UTC')

Or just get it from our server:

DirectX_9.0c_August_2005.zip 33.6 MB

The same files are in \Redist\DirectX9 of the following file too: DirectX 9.0 SDK Update - (August 2005)

27 July 2005 – Goldfish Warning! 06 Out


Goldfish Warning! 06
Protect Yakisoba Pan / Who Bells Chii-chan?
Original Ep. Title
きそばパンをまもれ / ちーちゃんにすず
Original Ep. Title in Romaji
Yakisoba-pan wo Mamore / Chii-chan ni Suzu wo

27 July 2005 – New ffdshow by Celtic_Druid, for testing

ffdshow-20050727.exe (for testing)

24 July 2005 – TMM 49 Out

Tokyo Mew Mew 49
The Awakening of Blue: Another Appearance!
Original Ep. Title
Original Ep. Title in Romaji
Ao no mezame: Mou hitotsu no Sugata!

29 July 2005 – The Star of Cottonland, RC1

This file was muxed today:
The Star of Cottonland [h-b] 6 languages [6829AAC4]__RC1.mkv
A 96-minute theatrical anime from 1984 (yes, very old), multisubbed in English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Slovak, and in Russian. (Probably German is going to be added too.)

Click to enlarge. (NOTE: This is not the final. Just test encoded.)

Subtitle Menu: JPEG Image 1

Chapter Menu: JPEG Image 2

Read more about The Star of Cottonland (English and Spanish)

27 July 2005 – Images from Ep. 47 Added to Mew Mew Picture Gallery

NOTE: Our newest release is Ep. 49. Picture Gallery doesn't have images from newer releases (48/49) yet, so it won't be a spoiler.


24 July 2005 – TMM 49 Out

Tokyo Mew Mew 49
The Awakening of Blue: Another Appearance!
Original Ep. Title
Original Ep. Title in Romaji
Ao no mezame: Mou hitotsu no Sugata!

22 July 2005 – TMM 49 Coming

Tokyo Mew Mew 49 is almost ready, and should be released this weekend or on Monday.

We QC'ed RC1, fixed a few minor problems, and re-encoded and QC'ed RC2 yesterday. Although RC2 is of releasable quality, we decided to update the script again to fix a few, very minor things found, and to add a short note about the places referred in the episode (Omotesando and Sumida River: they are real places in Tokyo). It won't take more than a few hours to re-encode, since we are caching the intermediate (filtered) data using a lossless codec.


22 July 2005 – GfW 6 Coming

Goldfish Warning! 6 is basically ready too. RC1 was encoded today.

Cute Wapiko.

Wapiko/Chitose: Not a yuri, Wapiko is just too naive. "That's why I love you, Chii-chan!"

20 July 2005 – ASCII Art from 4-ch

PNG Image

from Cute girl thread,

19 July 2005 – Mozilla Firefox 1.0.6 Released


What's New 1.0.6

Firefox 1.0.6 is a stability update. We recommend that users upgrade to this latest version.

Here's what's new in Firefox 1.0.6:

Here's what's new in Firefox 1.0.5:

17 July 2005 – Floral Magician Mary Bell 21

Paula From the Starland / 星の国から来たポーラ Hoshi no Kuni kara Kita Paula
First Aired on: 22 June 1992

12 July 2005 – CoreVorbis 1.1


You can also install it through Lazy Man's MKV 0.9.7.

9 July 2005 - Sabbu 0.2.5 is out

Sabbu is a most promissing post-SubStationAlpha timing tool.

Summary of changes:

If you have problems with non-English characters in your script on Sabbu, use our fix: Sabbu-i18n-Fix.zip

Overwrite \Program Files\Common Files\GTK\2.0\etc\pango\pango.aliases by our pango.aliases. If the problem is not fixed, overwrite \Program Files\Common Files\GTK\2.0\etc\gtk-2.0\gtkrc by our gtkrc. If you prefer a larger fontsize, use gtkrc in font-size-larger.

Our "pango.aliases" file is optimized for the typical case (Unicode SSA/ASS including some Japanese). If Chinese or Korean is more important than Japanese for your job, edit your pango.aliases and use this line:

# Only if Chinese or Korean is more important than Japanese
Tahoma = "Tahoma,browallia new,mingliu,simhei,gulimche,msgothic,latha,mangal"

If you get Japanese UI for Sabbu, and want to change it to English UI, use: Start | Programs | GTK+ Runtime Environment | Select language.

7 July 2005 - Tokyo Mew Mew 48

Yes. It's out.

3 July 2005 - New ffdshow (experimental)

ffdshow-20050703.exe for testing.

ffdshow-20050703MSVC71.exe for testing.

1 July 2005 - New ffdshow (experimental)

ffdshow-20050701.exe for testing.


 fixed few possible crashes when processing small images
 fixed memory leak in subtitles reader,
 positional controls apply to embedded bitmap subtitles
 Italian translation by Dario Brama
 smoothing method and scale apply to embedded bitmap subtitles,
 SSE2 32-bit to 16-bit integer samples conversion
 SSE2 original and avih noise
 SSE2 SPP store_slice

Probably the last build from me [celtic_druid] for a month.

30 June 2005 - New ffdshow (experimental)

ffdshow-20050630.exe for testing.

    * fixed ICL 9 compilation (ffdshow.ax compiled with ICL9 to)
    * updated libavcodec
    * faster h264 deblocking,
    * updated x264 - custom quantization matrices (not supported by libavcodec yet)
    * saving of JM quant tables
    * removed min_order and max_order,
    * GCC hash_map implementation, the old one was buggy
    * adaptive FFT length in convolver depending on impulse file number of samples
    * SSE2 avisynth yuy2 <-> yv12 conversion
    * SSE2 bitmap blending and soften
    * SSE2 colourize
    * SSE2 gradual denoise
    * SSE2 hue and saturation
    * SSE2 luminance offset and gain
    * SSE2 mplayer noise
    * SSE2 unsharp
    * SSE2 warpsharp bump
    * recreate configuration pages when changing presets
    * working on direct communication between filters and configuration pages
    * trying to fix HW overlay filter

29 June 2005 - Hime-chan no Ribbon

Hime-chan no Ribbon (姫ちゃんのリボン, 1992) is a magical girl anime series based on a manga (by the same name) by Mizusawa Megumi (水沢めぐみ); first serialized in Ribon magazine. It is similar in genre to "Magical Stage Fancy Lala," and "Fullmoon o Sagashite."

The series stars Nonohara Himeko, a very energetic juniorhigh tomboy, whose life suddenly changes with her fateful meeting of Erika, princess of the Magic Kingdom. For Erika to eventually become Queen of the Magic Kingdom, she must create a useful magical item. And himechan, as Erika's non-magical double, is required by the laws of the Magic Kingdom to test the item. So himechan is entrusted for a period of 1 year to test a magical ribbon that can turn her into any person she wants for 1 hour. All she has to do is stand infront of a mirror and say the magic words. But it's never quite that easy. To help keep her on the right track, Himechan's oldest toy Pokota is brought to life to be her magical companion.

The series progresses as Himechan discovers ever more creative ways to get into trouble using the magic ribbon, learning a lot about herself and the people around her in the process.

Ikke ikke go go jump! (いけいけ ゴーゴー!! じゃ――――んぷっ!!)

Music for the series is done by SMAP, who even makes a few guest appearances in the anime.

28 June 2005 - Our BT Page Down but Up again

Spisoft was down for a while. Sorry for inconvenience. The tracker was still working but the HTTP server was down. The page is now back. Enjoy.

28 June 2005 - Aniverse Unstable (Fixed Already)

You couldnt't get on irc.aniverse.com since around 05:00 UTC. As of now (06:00 UTC). you can get on the server again.

26 June 2005 - USF Softsub Testing

USF is an XML-based new sub format, which you can embed in MKV as softsub. ChronoSub can save data as USF, although imperfectly.

This pic shows how <ruby> works in USF. Unlike in SSA, Ruby (aka. furigana) is structural in USF, like in XHTML.

Ruby in USF (basically same as XHTML 1.1)


Read more and get the demo clip. To play the demo, you should configure Haali Splitter, Compatibility - Autoload VSFilter - No.

22 June 2005 - Goldfish Warning! 5

...is out!

19 June 2005 - New ffdshow-20050619

ffdshow-20050619.exe for testing. 2480343 Bytes CRC=4009E3CC

15 June 2005 - Floral Magician Mary Bell 20

20 - Friendship in the Unicycle Race

It's out. Okay, here's some friendly advice: frame-by-frame retouching is bad for your nerves, don't overdo it.

15 June 2005 - Wapiko and Gyopi from GfW 5

I found this today while working on GfW5. Wapiko's and Gyopi's facial expressions are synchronized here.

This effect reminds me of Misha and her rabbits from Pita-Ten.

14 June 2005 - More Pics from TMM

I upped old pics here for those who are interested. Yuri-ish Zakuro/Mint in tmm43 was... um... impressive. And that rainbow Karaoke, that was some work.

tmm43, tmm44

11 June 2005 - ffdshow-20050611 by Celtic Druid

ffdshow-20050611icl.exe (normal), and ffdshow-20050611msvc71.exe (MSVC version); For testing purpose only.

10 June 2005 - Tokyo Mew Mew 47 is Out

47 - The Power of Love! I will protect Aoyama-kun!!

Thank you for waiting. It's finally out. Enjoy!

Ep. 48 is almost ready too (just to encode).

9 June 2005 - ffdshow-20050609 by Celtic Druid

ffdshow-20050609.exe For testing purpose only.

8 June 2005 - Goldfish Warning! 04 is Out

4A - Takapii in Love
4B - Tea Ceremony Lesson to be Ladylike

Join the chan. We have a fast bot. Or get it via BT.

6 June 2005 - ffdshow-20050607 by Celtic Druid

ffdshow-20050607.exe For testing purpose only.

29 May 2005 - Floral Magician Mary Bell 19

19 - Camping is fun!

It's on the BT page. Join the chan and you can get it from the fast bot too.

27 May 2005 - New ffdshow #3

Two known problems in the previous build are fixed now.


24 May 2005 - New ffdshow #2

The following memo is about the newest, experimental build, ffdshow-20050510.exe.

I think it's buggy for MPEG-2. Namely, Codec - MPEG2 - libmpeg2 is broken ( - libavcodec is OK), which can be a fatal problem if you use ffdshow for MPEG2/VOB.

EDIT: Okay, I reported it to the builder, Celtic_Druid, and a few more users confirmed the problem. The fixed versioin by celtic_druid is out: libmpeg2_ff.7z. Unzip it with 7-zip and you'll get libmpeg2_ff.dll. So replace the original libmpeg2_ff.dll in the system directory with it. This is a must if you want to play your MPEG2/VOB thru libmpeg2 in this ffdshow, otherwise you might want to ignore this problem.

23 May 2005 - New ffdshow

Celtic_Druid compiled this 1 or 2 hours ago (around 3:00 UTC): ffdshow-20050510.exe. The file name says 20050510 but it's today's build.

You are free to test it, but it might be buggy. We need to test it and wait for feedbacks for a while before we say this version is okay. Please consider ffdshow-20050406.exe (celtic_druid) as the recommended version until further notice. (NOTE: There are 2 different files called ffdshow-20050406.exe, one is stable, the other is bad. To make a long story short, use our links.)

22 May 2005 - How to Display Ukagaka's Menu in English

Use SSP (a compatible platform) instead of the original Ukagaka system. Ghosts for ukagaka should run on SSP too, and the menu language is switchable in SSP. Even though this is only for menu and Ghosts speak in Japanese anyway, you can try it out as long as the menu is in English, right? ssp24f.zip 4.95MB

If I have time, I'd like to make a ghost which speaks in another language, such as in English or in Finnish.

8 May 2005 - Goldfish Warning! 03 is Out

Check out the BT page. There is a super fast bot waiting for you in the channel too. Read more about it and feel free to join the chan. It is worth trying even if you are new to IRC, and it's actually easy too.

In case you didn't know yet, we put a short essay about the 3 different drawing-styles in "Goldfish Warning!" a few days ago. It might be an interesting reading if you are a big fan of this show.

5 May 2005 - Powerful XDCC Bot (Updated #3)

We have now [HB]SuryeBot in #honobono, providing many files including the ones that are not on the BT page.

This is the current list. (More files to be added.)

 **  Tokyo Mew Mew, Goldfish Warning!, Rizelmine II, Mary Bell, served by Surye  ** 
 **  79 packs  **   6 of 10 slots open, Max: 640.0KB/s, Record: 640.6KB/s
 **  Bandwidth Usage  **  Current: 636.3KB/s, Cap: 3200.0KB/s, Record: 1259.4KB/s
 **  To request a file, type "/msg [HB]SuryeBot xdcc send #x"  ** 
 **  To request details, type "/msg [HB]SuryeBot xdcc info #x"  ** 
 #1   30x [175M] Goldfish Warning! (DVD) - 01 (892F54BD)
 #2   33x [175M] Goldfish Warning! (DVD) - 02 (1A85EDE1)
 #3   49x [175M] Goldfish Warning! (DVD) - 03 (C564F8FD)
 #4   17x [233M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 01 [DEA25D32]
 #5   14x [233M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 02 [D9EDB0BD]
 #6   16x [234M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 03 [C7822E19]
 #7   21x [199M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 04 [AonE] [1B8F375D]
 #8   19x [202M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 05 [AonE] [1F0AECCC]
 #9   21x [201M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 06 [AonE] [FC909340]
 #10  20x [202M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 07 [AonE] [1D0A484A]
 #11  15x [182M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 08 [AonE] [38203D1D]
 #12  17x [185M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 09 [AonE] [E665812A]
 #13  15x [181M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 10 [AonE] [F48385A9]
 #14  14x [201M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 11 [AonE] [7D74818F]
 #15  14x [201M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 12 [AonE] [75D8385D]
 #16  13x [207M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 13 [AonE] [A7EB08DB]
 #17   9x [181M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 14 [6DF76B95]
 #18  11x [203M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 15 [60F5337A]
 #19  14x [176M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 16 [F3577BCC]
 #20  12x [176M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 17 [72F49B3E]
 #21  10x [185M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 18 [49013D06]
 #22  11x [185M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 19 [83354F2D]
 #23  12x [171M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 20 [0A44A127]
 #24   8x [176M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 21 [26AEF6F0]
 #25  11x [176M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 22 [A162616E]
 #26   7x [175M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 23 [ABEC6B4F]
 #27   7x [233M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 24 [86031593]
 #28   7x [233M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 25 [AB284773]
 #29   7x [233M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 26 [A70846FF]
 #30   8x [233M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 27 [2D51DA60]
 #31  10x [233M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 28 [38C4AA5B]
 #32   8x [233M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 29 [47A461B0]
 #33  13x [233M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 30 [F2FEB2FF]
 #34   7x [233M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 31 [9C6CC8C8]
 #35   8x [234M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 32 [AC1AF881]
 #36   7x [233M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 33 [5046460C]
 #37   8x [233M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 34 [67137BBD]
 #38   8x [232M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 35 [50942EAC]
 #39   7x [233M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 36 [54E81C9F]
 #40   7x [234M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 37 [70CBDD9C]
 #41   7x [232M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 38 [55DC8B65]
 #42   7x [233M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 39 [B7E7F8B2]
 #43   7x [235M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 40 [E7C9C2CA]
 #44   6x [234M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 41 [F4974993]
 #45   5x [234M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 42 [651442E5]
 #46   5x [233M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 43 [2415CF91]
 #47   8x [232M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 44 [D898F386]
 #48   8x [234M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 45 [E4E0A2FB]
 #49  26x [228M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 46 [213AF7DC]
 #50   7x [175M] Mary Bell (DVD) - 01 (690F0A6B)
 #51   2x [175M] Mary Bell (DVD) - 02 (CDA6B9CD)
 #52   2x [175M] Mary Bell (DVD) - 03 (9A432542)
 #53   1x [175M] Mary Bell (DVD) - 04 (90C11397)
 #54   2x [175M] Mary Bell (DVD) - 05 (DBA7656B)
 #55   3x [175M] Mary Bell (DVD) - 06 (80E48D1F)
 #56   4x [175M] Mary Bell (DVD) - 07 (9755ADC2)
 #57   3x [175M] Mary Bell (DVD) - 08 (08108D42)
 #58   3x [175M] Mary Bell (DVD) - 09 (BA7F16E8)
 #59   2x [175M] Mary Bell (DVD) - 10 (DDAC1C77)
 #60   4x [175M] Mary Bell (DVD) - 11 (AB954B25)
 #61   4x [175M] Mary Bell (DVD) - 12 (500F2249)
 #62   2x [175M] Mary Bell (DVD) - 13 (9D75AF88)
 #63   2x [175M] Mary Bell (DVD) - 14 (CFC4C9FE)
 #64   2x [175M] Mary Bell (DVD) - 15 (CB27469B)
 #65   3x [175M] Mary Bell (DVD) - 16 (BBE55078)
 #66   4x [175M] Mary Bell (DVD) - 17 (3C0D704E)
 #67   8x [175M] Mary Bell (DVD) - 18 (BB95EAC3)
 #68   5x [139M] Rizelmine II - 01 [29B6C1E2]
 #69   2x [133M] Rizelmine II - 02 [BDAE5588]
 #70   2x [140M] Rizelmine II - 03 [10347B2F]
 #71   1x [139M] Rizelmine II - 04 [F9EDDBF2]
 #72   1x [133M] Rizelmine II - 05 [938E0129]
 #73   2x [133M] Rizelmine II - 06 [AB39C416]
 #74   2x [134M] Rizelmine II - 07 [60A21275]
 #75   2x [140M] Rizelmine II - 08 [65409B96]
 #76   2x [139M] Rizelmine II - 09 [B8E88F44]
 #77   3x [140M] Rizelmine II - 10 [7A7DB133]
 #78   1x [133M] Rizelmine II - 11 [B4475A6E]
 #79   2x [134M] Rizelmine II - 12 [EAA7BE6A]
 **  Packlist: http://hobo.datamachine.net/hobo.txt  ** 
Total Offered: 15140.3 MB  Total Transferred: 136.74 GB

This is a bot, and you can use it very easily.

First, join #honobono at irc.aniverse.com. Let's say you want
#3 49x [175M] Goldfish Warning! (DVD) - 03 (C564F8FD)
then, type
/msg [HB]SuryeBot xdcc send #3
That's it. (Hit [Enter] or the return key to send that command to the channel. Don't hold [Ctrl] when you do that.) On some IRC clients, "copy and paste" doesn't work. In that case, you should type manually, letter-by-letter:
/msg [HB]SuryeBot xdcc send #X

X is the number of the pack you need. Note that the command begins with a slash (/), with no preceding spaces. The number X may change when files are added or removed, so you should check the most up-to-date list before requesting.

New to IRC? IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is a virtual meeting place where people from all over the world can meet and talk. (NOTE: You can talk with other people in the channel, but that doesn't mean you must talk. In fact, most users are there without talking anything. Some of them are "lurking." Such a behavior is totally okay, and actually very usual on IRC.)

Read "What is IRC?" Basically, like you use a broswer like Firefox or Internet Explorer to browse webpages (i.e. to use HTTP servers), you need an IRC client like mIRC, Chatzilla, etc to use IRC servers. They are not difficult to use. Read the step-by-step guide, How to install mIRC.

The server we are using is irc.aniverse.com, and the channel name is #honobono.

27 April 2005 - Goldfish Warning! 02 Released

*happy happy happy*

Check the Kin-Chuu page too (though not updated yet).

26 April 2005 - TMM46 Released

Get it from the BT page or join the chan. We put some pics from Ep. 46 on the TMM page.

24 April 2005 - Tokyo Mew Mew Fandub (blooper real)

This fandub (check the fandub section at Neko-Tokyo) is not our project (although possibly based on our script), but is interesting.

I happened to get a WMV clip called bloopers_01.wmv, where someone (obviously not a Japanese speaker) was trying hard to sing TMM ED. fandub_kara.zip (3.2MB)

22 April 2005 - Honobono Forum Back

Our small & cute forum @ datamachine.net is back now. Visit and join now!


21 April 2005 - Floral Magician Mary Bell 18

We have just released Floral Magician Mary Bell 18. Get it from the BT page or join the chan.

15 April 2005 - ffdshow-20050406 (version Apr 15 2005) by celtic_druid

Do not use ffdshow-20050328 or ffdshow-20050406 (v1). They are probably problematic. Recommended builds are ffdshow-20050312 or ffdshow-20050406 (v2) by Celtic_Druid.

You might want to update your DirectX 9.0c too, although this is not a must.

If your CPU is fast enough, try and use RGB32 true color output for the best quality possible when you watch anime. This short guide explains what the problem is and how you can solve it.

14 April 2005 - Goldfish Warning! 01 Released

A new project--Goldfish Warning! or きんぎょ注意報! Kingyo Chuuihou (Kin-chuu). Read Carlos Ross's nice review, and check animenfo.

Apparently the animators who made Sailor Moon were huge fans of this show. Visit this quickly-made page and check out some of the hidden references in Sailor Moon.

This show, based on 猫部ねこ Nekobe Neko's manga, was first aired in 1991.

Get it from the BT page or from the chan. We have a fast bot, jouji-serv. Enjoy!

13 April 2005 - Spanish Wata-Kuni Fanpage (Updated #2)

The Star of Cottonland (SoC), or Wata no Kuni-Hoshi (Wata-Kuni) is our current multisub project.

Current Status: eng 100%, spa 100%, rus 60%, fre 50%, fin 35%, dut 15%, ger ?, nor ? (If you would like to add your language, please feel free to talk to an Op in the chan.)

We've added a small fanpage in Spanish.

13 April 2005 - Aniverse Not Stable

Apparently irc.aniverse.com has been unstable since around 07:30 UTC, 13 April 2005.

Check the Details of IRC network 'Aniverse'.

As of now (09:33 UTC), I can get on the server.

13 April 2005 - Tokyo Mew Mew 46?

It's not like we forgot TMM. The editor who was supposed to edit tmm46 happens to be very busy now, but tmm46 is already translated 100% and (roughly) edited anyway. Should be coming before long.

9 April 2005 - Goldfish Warning!

We have just started a new project--Goldfish Warning! or きんぎょ注意報! Kingyo Chuuihou (Kin-chuu). Read Carlos Ross's nice review, and check animenfo.

Apparently the animators who made Sailor Moon were huge fans of this show. Visit this quickly-made page and check out some of the hidden references in Sailor Moon.

3 April 2005 - Floral Magician Mary Bell 17

Get it from the BT page or join the chan (we have a fast bot now).

3 April 2005 - Highest Quality Playback: How?

Quite a few people use Media Player Classic (MPC) in the "VMR 9 (renderless)" mode on Windows 2000. VMR 9 is high quality, with very powerful softsub support, but you have to customize the ffdshow settings to get the best result in this mode.

If you use the default settings, probably the colors you see are not correct--hazy and grayish.

This guide explains how to customize ffdshow to faithfully reproduce the colors in MPC's "VMR 9 (renderless)" mode on Windows 2000.

Highest Quality Playback using the "VMR 9 (renderless)" mode

1 April 2005 - Aniverse is Up Again (Updated)

The server irc.aniverse.com was down for 9 hours on 1 April 2005. It is now back again (for the current status, check Details of IRC network 'Aniverse'. ), but you must re-register your nick.

Furthermore, the access lists are gone, which means, ChanServ won't AutoOp/AutoHop/AutoVoice you anymore even though you were originally in the access list. This problem should be fixed sooner or later by re-registering the data manually.

-Pomax- To everyone currently connected: While it isn't clear why, an intentional reboot has resulted in the services databases being destroyed. For all intents and purposes this should have been impossible, but that doesn't help us now. You'll have to reregister your channels and nicknames. For those that needs ops in their channels, you can reach us in #help.

Welcome to the aniverse server help channel. To put your minds less at ease, we lost all the services databases. We don't know why, and we can't explain it. What we can do is help you reclaim your channels. This is not an april's fool.

27 March 2005 - frame-by-frame retouching samples

We are using DVD raws for Floral Magician Mary Bell, but DVD itself is not very HQ--actually quite noisy. Can't be helped. This show is from 1992. So, for the highest quality possible, all the frames are checked and, if needed, manually retouched. Usually a few hundreds frames / ep are more or less retouched.

Read more about How Crazy A Fan Could be

24 March 2005 - The Star of Cottonland (Updated #4)

We are multisubbing The Star of Cottonland (綿の国星 Wata no Kuni-Hoshi), charming anime about a kitten who thinks she is a little girl. Read more about it.

There are going to be at least English, Russian, and Spanish subs, and probably Finnish, French, German, and Italian subs, and possibly Dutch, Slovak, and Norwegian subs too. (If you are interested in adding your language, please talk to an OP in the channel.)

24 March 2005 - Floral Magician Mary Bell::Cosplay

Here's a quickly made page of a few, nice Mary Bell cosplay photos.

Apparently, the cosplayer is from Chinese-speaking area, and nicked よちよちG3 (Yochi Yochi G3). She did a great job.

1 March 2005 - Floral Magician Mary Bell 16 is Out

It was finally released. Also enjoy some pics from mb16.

23 Feb 2005 - Tokyo Mew Mew 45

is Out

Who is "the Blue Knight" (ao no kishi)?! One thing that is sure is he is not Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon. ...Eh?
Enjoy some pics from ep.45 (no spoilers).

30 Jan 2005 - Tokyo Mew Mew 44

is Out.

Some pics from ep.44.

21 Jan 2005 - Floral Magician Mary Bell 15

is Out.

some pics from mb15.

10 Jan 2005 - Tokyo Mew Mew Extra

xagnam now has torrents for the TMM textless (creditless) OP, and the high-quality karaoke clip ("Glider," the inserted song for ep.43).

8 Jan 2005 - Tokyo Mew Mew 43

Happy new year!

We upped some pics from tmm43 here:

By the way, we recommend to use ffdshow or XviD 1.0.3 even for DivX. Basically, DivX 5 is spyware, and problematic in many ways. Try to avoid using it.

Check the torrents page for the video file.

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