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Old News Archive 016: Year 2019

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September 29, 2019: Gyu07 was re-encoded yesterday to fix some minor problems, but then we have noticed a potentially bigger problem. We might even have to do v2 for Gyu06… (though Gyu05 was ok)

September 18, 2019: Gyu07 = finally encoded, probably to be released this month. GfW48 = test-encoded; so far QCed by 2 of the 3 QCers and about 10 minor editing problems have been found. To be re-encoded shortly.

September 12, 2019: GfW48 = QC this weekend; more than 50% chance of September release. HCR42 = still editing; the editor in charge is relatively fast. Gyu07 = prob. the release as soon as the encoder (a busy person) is back. — All in all, it seems that 2019 is going to be our most productive year in the recent seven years (2013–19).

September 7, 2019: Dr. Slump references in Goldfish Warning! 48: (1) Aoi wearing an Arale/Senbei-style pink cap; (2) Wapiko running à la Arale (she even says “Kiiin!” in one scene).


September 5, 2019: Goldfish Warning! 48 has been 100% edited (both halves). To be test-encoded this weekend. Release ETA = the second half of September or (if delayed for some reason) October.

September 2, 2019: Hime-chan’s Ribbon 42 has been about 50% edited (as of Aug 26). Gyu 7 will be the next release (still to be encoded), then probably Goldfish Warning! 48 (2nd half edited, timed, and now being typeset; 1st half translated but not yet edited).

August 21, 2019: Himeko’s birthday is July 30, 1977 in the original manga version, while it is January 31, 1980 in the anime version.

August 11, 2019: Current status: Futago-hime Gyu! 7 = the script is ready; the encoder is on vacation. Hime-chan’s Ribbon 42 = edit in progress. Goldfish Warning! 48 = the 2nd half edited; the 1st half not yet ready; raw cleaned.

August 1, 2019: Hime-chan’s Ribbon 42 is now ready to edit.

July 31, 2019: Gyu 08 has been typeset.

July 27, 2019: Gyu 07 is ready to release, after just re-muxing (unless QCers find anything new that they want to change).

July 26, 2019: Goldfish Warning! 48: The 2nd half has been edited nicely (the 1st half not yet ready). Gyu 07 is practically ready both script-wise and encoding-wise (video). We may start working on Hime-chan’s Ribbon 42 soon.

July 12, 2019: Goldfish Warning! 48 has been translated, first half already being edited. Gyu 07 is almost ready to release (just finalize a few lines, mux, and release). Hopefully we can make some progress this weekend.

July 7, 2019: Perhaps we can release Gyu 07 next week. Goldfish Warning! 48 has been almost fully translated, soon to be edited. Gyu 08 is being typeset. We’ll soon start working on Hime-chan’s Ribbon 42 too.

June 29, 2019: Gyu 07 RC3 is almost ready, to be QCed, near to release. Also, the 1st half of Goldfish Warning! 48 has been translated, and to be edited while the 2nd half is being translated.

June 24, 2019 (18:54 UTC): We have released Hime-chan’s Ribbon 41. The bridge depicted in this episode may be based on a real place (see a separate page for more info).

May 23, 2019: After a 2-year hiatus [HCR40 was released on 2017-05-10], we’re now restarting Hime-chan’s Ribbon Episode 41. We may be able to release 41 within like two weeks, as it is already in the RC3 (=near-final) stage, script-wise. The hiatus was not due to laziness; life is not always peaceful. Our chief encoder of HCR, who also did that amazing OP logo work, needed a rest. She, however, did not just go MIA; she gracefully has made the necessary arrangement so that we can continue this project. We’d like to continue HCR (we even have a QCer whose nick is Pokota). We can’t promise anything, but we’ll try!

May 4, 2019 (20:20 UTC): We have released Goldfish Warning! 47. This episode has a few interesting aspects. You can read Translator’s Notes after you watch it!

April 22, 2019: After a 5-year hiatus [GfW46 was released on 2014-03-21], Goldfish Warning! Episode 47 is now almost ready to release! The exact status is like this: the episode was fully translated, edited, timed, almost fully typeset (except the voice-actor credits in ED are still missing), almost fully QCed (except there are 5 or 6 lines that are not finalized). A release candidate (RC3) should be ready within a few days, and after final checking, maybe that file will be actually released. If QCers want to change anything in RC3, we are going to have to make RC4, but that will only take a few days, just changing a few words in the script. So GfW47 will be probably released at the end of April or the beginning of May.

February 16, 2019: We have released Fushigiboshi no Futagohime Gyu! 06.

June 24, 2019 — OUT: Hime-chan’s Ribbon 41

Little Lovers

Little Lovers is a slice-of-life episode. One of its main topics is a realistic problem for little children, but is rarely depicted in anime shows, perhaps because it’s not very exciting nor fantastic (and so not marketable). When the seiyū for Yumeko voices Fake Yumeko (who is actually Himeko), the way she speaks is subtly different (Himeko-ish) — nicely nuanced! Also interestingly, Shintaro and Ichiko (“Icchan”) are voiced by the same person.

Yumeko & Shintaro (Click to enlarge)

(Click to enlarge)

The Tama River? (Click to enlarge)
See The Tama River in Hime-chan’s Ribbon Ep. 41

→ More info about [ This release | Hime-chan’s Ribbon ]

May 4, 2019 — OUT: Goldfish Warning! 47

Play Even When It Snows a Lot /
Give Chii-chan a Nightmare

(Click to enlarge)

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(Click to enlarge)

* Trivia & Cultural Notes — Translator’s Notes for this episode (GfW47) about various things, including: Animation blooper; Kamakura (snow hut); A hidden message on the stained glass; Nattō; Similarity found in Revolutionary Girl Utena, Ep. 16.

→ More info about [ This release | Goldfish Warning! ]

February 16, 2019 — OUT: Fushigiboshi no Futagohime Gyu! 06

Club Activity ☆ Fine’s Great Fart Experiment

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