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Current Status
- Video -
(RC=Release Candidate: Usually RC3 or 4=final)
2019-02-16 Gyu06 Released
2019-05-04 GfW47 Released
2019-06-24 HCR41 Released
2019-11-24 Gyu06v2 Released
2019-11-24 Gyu07 Released
2020-01-13 GfW48 Released
2020-01-20 Gyu08 RC2 (test)
2020-04-04 GfW51 RC1
2020-04-22 GfW51 RC2
--> 2020-05-02 GfW49 Released
2020-05-09 GfW51 RC2
2020-05-12 GfW52 RC1
2020-05-13 GfW52 RC1v2
2020-06-19 GfW50 RC7

- Script -
2019-07-31 Gyu08 Typeset RC1
2019-08-01 HCR42 Translated
2019-10-03 HCR42 Editing 75% (stalled)
2019-12-04 Gyu09 Translated
2020-01-14 Gyu09 Edited
2020-01-19 Gyu09 Typesetting
2020-02-09 GfW51 Translated
2020-02-11 Gyu10 Translated
2020-02-22 Gyu10 Edited
2020-03-11 Gyu08 Typeset RC3
2020-04-02 GfW51 Typeset RC1
2020-04-04 GfW52 Translated
2020-04-25 GfW53 Pre-timed
2020-05-09 GfW51 Typeset RC2
2020-05-10 GfW53 Translated
2020-05-12 GfW52 Typeset RC1
2020-05-29 GfW54 Pre-timed
2020-06-03 GfW53 Typesetting 80%

Current Projects

Goldfish Warning!

Hime-chan’s Ribbon

Fushigiboshi no ☆
Futagohime Gyu!


Idol Angel
Yōkoso Yōko


[Old Projects]


Media Player Classic (MPC)
MPC-BE = Black Edition
MPC-HC = Home Cinema (clsid2 builds)

LAV Filters = Libav*(ffmpeg)-based DirectShow filters
madVR (video renderer)

Old Releases
2010-02-02 FH34 Released
2010-02-13 HCR21 Released
2010-02-13 FH35 Released
2010-04-18 FH36 Released
2010-04-22 GfW28 Released
2010-05-17 FH37 Released
2010-06-01 FH38 Released
2010-07-20 HCR22 Released
2010-07-30 GfW29 Released
2010-08-19 FH39 Released
2010-09-01 GfW30 Released
2010-09-30 GfW31 Released
2010-10-17 FH40 Released
2010-11-19 GfW32 Released
2010-12-07 FH41 Released
2010-12-28 GfW33 Released
2011-01-12 FH42 Released
2011-02-16 GfW34 Released
2011-03-31 FH43 Released
2011-04-15 FH44 Released
2011-04-15 FH45 Released
2011-05-01 FH46 Released
2011-05-22 GfW35 Released
2011-06-19 FH47 Released
2011-06-29 HCR23 Released
2011-07-09 GfW36 Released
2011-07-23 FH48 Released
2011-08-08 FH49 Released
2011-10-30 FH50 Released
2011-10-30 FH51 Released
2011-12-02 GfW37 Released
2011-12-06 FH1v2 Released
2011-12-06 FH2v2 Released
2011-12-06 FH17v2 Released
2011-12-06 FH37v2 Released
2011-12-06 FH38v2 Released
2011-12-06 FH39v2 Released
2011-12-06 FH40v2 Released
2011-12-06 FH41v2 Released
2011-12-19 HCR24 Released
2012-01-13 HCR25 Released
2012-01-24 HCR26 Released
2012-02-05 GfW38 Released
2012-03-04 HCR27 Released
2012-03-05 HCR28 Released
2012-03-24 GfW39 Released
2012-03-25 GfW40 Released
2012-04-19 GfW41 Released
2012-05-08 HCR29 Released
2012-06-20 HCR30 Released
2012-07-15 GfW42 Released
2012-08-26 HCR31 Released
2012-09-04 GfW43 Released
2012-12-09 HCR32 Released
2013-03-17 HCR33 Released
2013-03-23 GfW44 Released
2013-06-06 HCR34 Released
2013-07-01 GfW45 Released
2013-07-25 HCR35 Released
2013-12-20 HCR36 Released
2014-03-21 GfW46 Released
2014-05-13 HCR37 Released
2015-01-04 Gyu! SP Released
2016-01-26 HCR38 Released
2016-03-21 HCR39 Released
2016-04-01 Gyu01 Released
2016-12-12 Gyu02 Released
2017-02-25 Gyu03 Released
2017-05-10 HCR40 Released
2017-06-13 Gyu04 Released
2017-09-09 Gyu05 Released
2019-02-16 Gyu06 Released
2019-05-04 GfW47 Released
2019-06-24 HCR41 Released
2019-11-24 Gyu06v2 Released
2019-11-24 Gyu07 Released

Status as of 2020-07-04
GfW50: to be released tomorrow
GfW48 GfW49 GfW50 GfW51 GfW52 GfW53 GfW54 Gyu08 Gyu09 Gyu10 HCR42
Edit 95% 75%
Typeset 80%
Encode (RC1)
QC (RC1) 67%
Release ...

June 24, 2020: (1) GfW50 RC6 was encoded on June 6, but it’s not ready: there was one minor edit on June 9, and after final-checking the editor made 5 more changes on June 16; then one very minor change was made on June 18; finally two more lines were questioned on June 18 — still TBD [PS: on June 26, these two lines were judged as okay as-is after all]. We are getting a little too paranoid! (2) GfW51 is essentially ready, yet we can’t really concentrate on it until 50 is released. (3) Gyu8 RC3 is ready to encode, but the encoder is very busy!

June 12, 2020: (1) We are not yet ready to release GfW50 (RC6 prepared on June 6 is almost-final but not quite). After final-checking, there is at least one line we want to change (though it’s rather minor), and we need some more time (at least a few days, perhaps one or two weeks), as the editor wants to double-check everything. Meanwhile, we can work on other episodes. (2) GfW51 is near-final; after deciding on about 5 lines, we can prepare RC3. (3) GfW52 RC1 is currently being QCed. (4) GfW53 is still to be typeset before RC1 is prepared (basically ready except sign subs). (5) GfW54 is the last epsiode; pre-timed on May 29. This is the only GfW episode not yet translated! Hopefully we can complete GfW sometime this year.

June 2, 2020: About 20 minor script changes were made today, and we are ready to finalize GfW50. GfW50 (RC5) was test-encoded on May 30. So far GfW50 is looking almost ready to release, except there are one or two unimportant problems. The potentially bad news is that our internal SFTP server is down (not this server where our website is hosted), meaning now we can’t easily share files among ourselves. Obviously this is inconvenient. But probably we can somehow release GfW50 anyway. The current ETA is 4–10 days. [PS: The server is up again.]

May 27, 2020: The next release is probably GfW50 (RC5): now RC4 is being checked and a few minor revisions are planned. GfW51 is also near ready: we have QCed GfW51 RC2 and made about 60 minor revisions so far, but there are still a few things to be decided. GfW52 RC1 is now being QCed.

May 16, 2020: GfW50 RC4 was encoded yesterday. This one is near-final, if not the final, and the release ETA of GfW50 is within 10–14 days (perhaps the next weekend or the weekend after that), after final-checking and, if needed, final-tweaking. GfW51 (RC2) has been so far QCed by 2 QCers. GfW52 (RC1) was encoded, to be QCed later. Currently, we’re typesetting GfW53 (RC1). GfW54 (last) — the only one ep not yet translated — should be pre-timed shortly.

May 10, 2020: GfW53 has been translated — the next ep (54) is the last! GfW52 RC1 should be ready in a few days. GfW51 RC2 is soon to be QCed. GfW50 RC3 was already QCed and the script is to be updated.

May 2, 2020 (19:47 UTC): Finally we have released Goldfish Warning! 49. [More info]

Currently, the general situation is like this: Goldfish Warning! is being actively translated, typeset, encoded, QCed, and edited. However, one of the regular QCers is very busy, and as such, if we have to wait for his approval, things could be delayed indefinitely. That’s one of the main reasons why GfW49 was delayed. Also, that’s why GfW50 is being delayed even though it’s already RC3; and that’s why we can’t create Gyu08 RC3. [PS: Gyu08rc3 was finally approved around May 17, 2020, now ready to encode.]

March 11, 2020: Gyu08 (RC3) is almost ready to encode. We can release it when encoded, unless problems are found in final-checking.

March 2, 2020: HCR is currently being stalled (the editor is not around, perhaps too busy with IRL). If you like HCR and can edit it, please contact us.

January 13, 2020 (00:23 UTC): We have released Goldfish Warning! 48. [More info]

December 18, 2019: If things go well, we might start new project(s) before long. Currently the #1 candidate is Idol Angel Yōkoso Yōko; #2 is Magical Angel Sweet Mint.

November 24, 2019 (19:49 UTC): We have released Fushigiboshi no ☆ Futagohime Gyu! 07.

November 24, 2019 (19:30 UTC): We have released Fushigiboshi no ☆ Futagohime Gyu! 06v2.

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July 5, 2020 — Not yet OUT: Goldfish Warning! 50

Super Hostage Wapiko /
Movie Star Chii-chan

(Click to enlarge)

(Click to enlarge)

(Click to enlarge)

(Click to enlarge)

→ More info about [ This release | Goldfish Warning! ]

May 2, 2020 — OUT: Goldfish Warning! 49

Beware of the School Newspaper /
Bad Ox Becomes Good

(Click to enlarge)

(Click to enlarge)

(Click to enlarge)

(Click to enlarge)
The joke is, Chitose’s mom says she “just got back from Switzerland,” yet for some reason
she brings back “a specialty of Nagoya” as a souvenir — her story doesn’t add up.
Uirō is a sweet cake made of rice flour, indeed a specialty of Nagoya, though fried-shrimp flavored uirō is unrealistic.
As an additional joke, ebifurai (“fried shrimp”) is written as ebifuryā in a (fake) Nagoya accent:
“Japanese comedian Tamori once joked about Nagoya dialect such as ebifuryaa […],”
“but restaurateurs in Nagoya took advantage of the joke and ebifurai became one of Nagoya's specialty foods.”
For more info, see ja.wikipedia: エビフリャー.

→ More info about [ This release | Goldfish Warning! ]

January 13, 2020 — OUT: Goldfish Warning! 48

Run, Chii-chan! /
Gyopi and Wapiko’s Promise

(Click to enlarge)

(Click to enlarge)

Wapiko is so unsuspecting… (Click to enlarge)

Chitose suddenly feels guilty.
As twisted as she may be, she’s essentially good-natured. (Click to enlarge)

Aoi keeps Chitose’s secret, remaining silent, but can’t face Shuu straight.
This scene is subtle. Aoi’s complicated expression is shown only momentarily.
Part of him wants to help out “that selfish girl.” Why? He’s not sure himself… (Click to enlarge)

* The game of karuta, Dr. Slump references, and Kyojin no Hoshi references are explained on a separate page: Karuta: Goldfish Warning! 48 Annex

→ More info about [ This release | Goldfish Warning! ]

November 24, 2019 — OUT: Fushigiboshi no ☆ Futagohime Gyu! 07

Mischievous Angels ☆ Commotion in the Town?!

This episode is somewhat like Let’s Make Sweets ☆ Princess Party (Episode 10 of the First Season).

(Click to enlarge)

(Click to enlarge)

(Click to enlarge)

→ More info about [ This release | Fushigiboshi no Futagohime ]

November 24, 2019 — OUT: Fushigiboshi no ☆ Futagohime Gyu! 06v2

Club Activity ☆ Fine’s Great Fart Experiment

→ More info about [ This release | Fushigiboshi no Futagohime ]

June 24, 2019 — OUT: Hime-chan’s Ribbon 41

Little Lovers

Little Lovers is a slice-of-life episode. One of its main topics is a realistic problem for little children, but is rarely depicted in anime shows, perhaps because it’s not very exciting nor fantastic (and so not marketable). When the seiyū for Yumeko voices Fake Yumeko (who is actually Himeko), the way she speaks is subtly different (Himeko-ish) — nicely nuanced! Also interestingly, Shintaro and Ichiko (“Icchan”) are voiced by the same person.

Yumeko & Shintaro (Click to enlarge)

(Click to enlarge)

The Tama River? (Click to enlarge)
More info: The Tama River in Hime-chan’s Ribbon Ep. 41

→ More info about [ This release | Hime-chan’s Ribbon ]


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