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(RC=Release Candidate)
2019-02-16 Gyu06 Released
2019-05-04 GfW47 Released
2019-06-24 HCR41 Released
2019-11-24 Gyu06v2 Released
2019-11-24 Gyu07 Released
2020-01-13 GfW48 Released
2020-05-02 GfW49 Released
2020-07-05 GfW50 Released
2020-07-19 Gyu08 Released
2020-08-22 GfW51 Released
2020-09-26 GfW52 Released
2020-10-13 GfW53 Released
2020-12-25 GfW53v2 Released
2020-12-25 GfW54 Released
2020-12-29 BoDv2 RC1
2020-12-30 BoDv2 RC2
2021-01-10 SSnD01 TL 50%
2021-01-15 BoDv2 RC3
2021-01-24 BoDv2 RC3a
2021-03-31 BoDv2 RC4
2021-05-12 GfW40v2–54v2 Released
2021-06-16 GfW37v2*
2021-06-16 HCR41v2 Released
2021-06-16 HCR42 Released
2021-06-17 GfW36v2*
2021-06-20 GfW35v2*
2021-06-23 GfW39v2*
2021-06-24 GfW38v2*
2021-07-03 YY01 RC1
2021-07-06 BoDv2 RC5
2021-07-10 GfW34v2*
2021-07-11 GfW33v2*
2021-07-11 HCR43 RC1
2021-08-09 YY01 RC2
2021-08-19 YY01 RC3
2021-08-20 Gyu08v2 Released
2021-08-20 Gyu09 Released
2021-10-10 YY01 RC4
2021-11-19 YY01 RC5
2021-11-20 Gyu10 Released

- Script -
2019-12-20 YY01 Pre-timed
2020-08-02 YY01 Translated
2020-08-11 YY02 Pre-timed
2020-08-15 YY02 Translated
2020-10-01 YY03 Pre-timed
2020-12-29 BoDv2 Typeset RC1
2020-12-30 BoDv2 Typeset RC2
2021-01-15 BoDv2 Typeset RC3
2021-01-24 BoDv2 Typeset RC3a
2021-03-30 BoDv2 Typeset RC4
2021-07-04 YY01 Typeset RC1
2021-07-06 BoDv2 Typeset RC5
2021-07-07 HCR43 Pre-timed
2021-07-10 HCR43 Edited
2021-07-11 HCR43 Typeset RC1
2021-08-09 YY01 Typeset RC2
2021-08-19 YY01 Typeset RC3
2021-10-10 YY01 Typeset RC4
2021-10-11 Gyu11 Translated
2021-11-07 Gyu11 Editing 50%
2021-11-19 YY01 Typeset RC5

Current Projects

Goldfish Warning!

Hime-chan’s Ribbon

Fushigiboshi no ☆
Futagohime Gyu!


Idol Angel
Yōkoso Yōko


Minky Momo: The Bridge
Over Dreams

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Status as of 2021-11-20
Gyu10 Released; YY01 RC5 Maybe Releasable
BoDv2 YY01 YY02 YY03 Gyu08 Gyu09 Gyu10 Gyu11 HCR42 HCR43
Edit 50%
Encode (RC1) -
QC (RC1)
RC RC5 RC5 RC3 RC3 RC5 RC3 ...
QC ...

November 20, 2021 We released Fushigiboshi no Futagohime Gyu! 10.

November 9, 2021

August 20, 2021 We released Fushigiboshi no Futagohime Gyu! 8v2 and 9.

June 16, 2021 We released Hime-chan’s Ribbon 41v2 and 42. (See below)

May 12, 2021 We released Goldfish Warning! 40–54 [v2]. (More info)

Older news

November 20, 2021 — OUT: Fushigiboshi no ☆ Futagohime Gyu! 10

Interrupted Friendship ☆ Lione’s Pure Heart

(Click to enlarge)

(Click to enlarge)

(Click to enlarge)

→ More info about [ This release | Fushigiboshi no Futagohime ]

August 20, 2021 — OUT: Fushigiboshi no ☆ Futagohime Gyu! 09

Into Outer Space ☆ Field Trip Survival

(Click to enlarge)

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→ More info about [ This release | Fushigiboshi no Futagohime ]

August 20, 2021 — OUT: Fushigiboshi no ☆ Futagohime Gyu! 08v2

Tiny Solo’s ☆ Big Determination

This v2 file is identical to v1, except there is a minor fix in the preview at the end.

June 16, 2021 — OUT: Hime-chan’s Ribbon 42

UFO Camp!

NOTE (File Format Change): Starting from this episode, we are now fully softsubbing HCR as MKV. OP/ED, especially OP, may be too CPU-intensive for old computers (you can just skip it). Episode 41v2 was also released in the same format.

So in this episode, Hime-chan, Daichi, and others visit the mountainous town of Okutama.

A scenery of Okutama (Left), and a scene in HCR42.

A map of Western Tokyo and some surrounding areas (Click to enlarge):
A = Kunitachi City: Hime-chan’s hometown, Kazetachi, is based on this.
B = Okutama Town / C = Chichibu City: appearing in Initial D, though unrelated here.

(Click to enlarge)

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(Click to enlarge)

→ More info about [ This release | Hime-chan’s Ribbon ]

June 16, 2021 — OUT: Hime-chan’s Ribbon 41v2

Little Lovers

This is the v2 release of Episode 41: a fully softsubbed MKV, as opposed to v1 (hardsubbed MP4). For more info about the format change, see Episode 42.

→ More info about [ This release | Hime-chan’s Ribbon ]

May 12, 2021 — OUT: Goldfish Warning! 40–54 [v2]

The first batch (1 of 3) for Goldfish Warning! v2s

This is a set of 15 files — Episodes 40 through 54 (last), of which ten files are new (a few mistranslations fixed, and generally, slightly tweaked and improved), while five episodes (48, 49, 51, 52, 53v2) remain unchanged, as they’re already good enough.

These eight files are higher-quality (256 MiB/ep) than the v1s (180 MiB/ep): 40v2, 41v2, 42v2, 43v2, 44v2, 45v2, 46v2, 47v2.

This is supposed to be the first batch for the softsub version of Goldfish Warning!. The second batch (ETA: a few months?) will be 20v2–39v2, the third batch (no ETA) will be 1v2–19v2. Batches for Goldfish Warning! v2 are MKV-only; AVI (hardsub) versions are not planned, except that the AVI version of 53v2 is available.

→ More info about [ This release | Goldfish Warning! ]


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