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(RC=Release Candidate: Usually RC3 or 4=final)
2019-02-16 Gyu06 Released
2019-05-04 GfW47 Released
2019-06-24 HCR41 Released
2019-11-24 Gyu06v2 Released
2019-11-24 Gyu07 Released
2020-01-13 GfW48 Released
2020-05-02 GfW49 Released
2020-07-05 GfW50 Released
2020-07-19 Gyu08 Released
2020-08-22 GfW51 Released
2020-09-02 GfW54 RC1
2020-09-09 Gyu09 RC1
2020-09-26 GfW52 Released
2020-10-08 GfW54 RC2
2020-10-13 GfW53 Released
2020-10-22 GfW54 RC3
2020-11-24 GfW54 RC4

- Script -
2019-08-01 HCR42 Translated
2019-12-04 Gyu09 Translated
2019-12-20 YY01 Pre-timed
2020-01-14 Gyu09 Edited
2020-02-11 Gyu10 Translated
2020-02-22 Gyu10 Edited
2020-05-29 GfW54 Pre-timed
2020-07-19 HCR42 Editor change
2020-07-30 GfW54 Translated
2020-08-02 YY01 Translated
2020-08-11 YY02 Pre-timed
2020-08-15 YY02 Translated
2020-08-16 Gyu09 Typeset RC1
2020-09-01 GfW54 Typeset RC1
2020-10-01 YY03 Pre-timed
2020-10-08 GfW54 Typeset RC2
2020-10-22 GfW54 Typeset RC3
2020-11-02 HCR42 Editing 90%
2020-11-24 GfW54 Typeset RC4

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Status as of 2020-11-24
GfW54 RC4 encoded
GfW48 GfW49 GfW50 GfW51 GfW52 GfW53 GfW54 YY01 YY02 YY03 Gyu08 Gyu09 Gyu10 HCR42
Translate 80%
Edit 90%
Encode (RC1)
QC (RC1) 90%

November 17, 2020

November 2, 2020

October 22, 2020

October 13, 2020 (4:30: UTC): We’ve released Goldfish Warning! 53.
This is the penultimate episode of Goldfish Warning!. [More info]

September 29, 2020

September 26, 2020 (21:04 UTC): So we have released Goldfish Warning! 52. Only 2 more to go. [More info]

September 7, 2020: We have a plan to do Minky Momo: The Bridge Over Dreams (BoD) v2. The v1 was multisubbed in 7 languages in 2007 using XviD+Vorbis. The v2 is probably going to be x264+AC3 for better visual quality, and with a few (minor) translation fixes. Currently, 4-language multisubbing (English, Japanese, Dutch, and Italian) is planned. If you like BoD and are interested in adding subs in your language (e.g. Spanish, French, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, Arabic, etc.) feel free to contact us or join #honobono @ irc.aniverse.com!

August 22, 2020 (23:23 UTC): We have released Goldfish Warning! 51. [More info]

August 9, 2020: We are already translating Idol Angel Yōkoso Yōko (YY) pre-emptively, though only God knows when we can release the first episode. Its sister show (アイドル伝説えり子 — lit. “Idol Legend Eriko”) is called variously in English — Legendary Idol Eriko (by NeXT, and by Kirion), Eriko, the Legendary Idol (by Ashi Productions itself), Idol Densetsu Eriko (by KiteSeekers-Licca). Similarly, the title of this show (アイドル天使ようこそようこ) could be translated as “Angelic Idol Yōkoso Yōko” or “Idol Tenshi Yōkoso Yōko,” though we’re going to call it Idol Angel Yōkoso Yōko. Yōko is the heroine of the show; the word yōkoso (literally meaning “welcome”) sounds like Yōko, obviously a pun intended.

July 19, 2020 (22:10 UTC): We have released Fushigiboshi no Futagohime Gyu! 08. [More info]

July 5, 2020 (11:50 UTC): We have released Goldfish Warning! 50.
This episode was actually encoded more than two weeks ago. Final-checking took longer than expected. [More info]

October 13, 2020 — Not yet OUT: Goldfish Warning! 53

Wapiko’s Elopement Panic /
Love You, Tanakayama-san

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Image:gfw53-5 Image:gfw52-x
(Click to enlarge)
An actual frame from Ep. 53 (left) and the corresponding frame from the preview in Ep. 52 (right).
Brilliant light effects were added some time in the week between the two episodes,
suggesting the animators’ tight schedule and devotion.

→ More info about [ This release | Goldfish Warning! ]

September 26, 2020 — OUT: Goldfish Warning! 52

Hair Designer Chitose /
Gyopi-chan Is an Alien

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Aoi says, Uchū no umi wa ore no umi — the first line of Captain Harlock OP.

→ More info about [ This release | Goldfish Warning! ]

August 22, 2020 — OUT: Goldfish Warning! 51

Valentine’s Day Is Scary /
The Day Aoi-chan Leaves

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Pure white birds symbolically flying away — a Dezaki-esque expression (if you have Rose of Versailles, check e.g. eps. 19–20) but more delicate.

(Click to enlarge)
Incoming light rays and a shadow of the bird momentarily passing over Chitose’s face…

→ More info about [ This release | Goldfish Warning! ]

July 19, 2020 — OUT: Fushigiboshi no ☆ Futagohime Gyu! 08

Tiny Solo’s ☆ Big Determination

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→ More info about [ This release | Fushigiboshi no Futagohime ]

July 5, 2020 — OUT: Goldfish Warning! 50

Super Hostage Wapiko /
Movie Star Chii-chan

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→ More info about [ This release | Goldfish Warning! ]

May 2, 2020 — OUT: Goldfish Warning! 49

Beware of the School Newspaper /
Bad Ox Becomes Good

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The joke is, Chitose’s mom says she “just got back from Switzerland,” yet for some reason
she brings back “a specialty of Nagoya” as a souvenir — her story doesn’t add up.
Uirō is a sweet cake made of rice flour, indeed a specialty of Nagoya, though fried-shrimp flavored uirō is unrealistic.
As an additional joke, ebifurai (“fried shrimp”) is written as ebifuryā in a (fake) Nagoya accent:
“Japanese comedian Tamori once joked about Nagoya dialect such as ebifuryaa […],”
“but restaurateurs in Nagoya took advantage of the joke and ebifurai became one of Nagoya's specialty foods.”
For more info, see ja.wikipedia: エビフリャー.

→ More info about [ This release | Goldfish Warning! ]


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